Monday, January 19, 2009

Lots O' Luggage

Yesterday, we went out and bought new luggage. Our old luggage was shot from many trips (mostly to Disney World), so we knew we were going to have to buy new.
How many pieces of luggage do you take to China? If you could see all the things I am gathering to take with us (did I forget the kitchen sink??), you would say that we need a lot of luggage!!
We ended up with 3 of the biggest pieces you can get (29 inch) plus 2 boarding bags. Those pieces along with one back pack for each of us should (hopefully) do it.
The weight limit for each piece is 44 lbs. I will be weighing them before we go!! Also, you are only allowed 1 checked piece on your in-China flights, so it makes sense to only take one piece to check each.
Now coming back, we will have one special extra person with us, so we can have more luggage coming home. Many families buy a cheap piece of luggage while in China for all the things they buy. You don't think that will be me do you??

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Room

This weekend we worked on getting her room finished. Some people in this process quickly rushed to decorate a room at the beginning of the wait. We did not. The room has been a spare bedroom, a junk room, a cat storage room, and most recently a Christmas stuff room over the last 3 years.
A few months ago, we picked a new paint color and began to work. It is a pretty yellow. I had also been studying the Pottery Barn Kids catelogs for months to find a good matching color scheme.
Yesterday, it all came together. The room has the yellow walls, bright pink poka dot floor length curtains, and many other bright pink accents. It looks really pretty. The crib is up with 2 cute panda bears waiting in the corners.
Now, we will have to wait and see if she truly wants to sleep there. Ha Ha!!! It has been our experience in the past that babies would rather sleep snuggled up with mom in the "big bed". We will see on that one. We may just go ahead and purchase her double sized bed and have that in the room for us to camp out on.
Maybe soon I will learn how to post pictures to this site.
Stay tuned. It is getting closer.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We are getting closer!!

Hi, welcome to our blog. We created this blog so all of you could follow our trip to China. I hope to be able to send messages to this site while we are there.
This has been a long, long process. Longer than we ever thought it would be. When we began the process back in September 2005, the time frame was about 1year from start to finish. Then, China began a slowdown and here we are 3 years later.
But, we are finally getting closer!!!! China is now up to our month of March. Our log in date ( the day our paperwork was registered in China) is March 15, 2006.
China is now only 15 days from our date.
We now expect our referral (a baby picture along with her basic information) either the end of January, end of February or the end of March. My guess is at the end of February we will have it.
Travel is usually about 6 weeks after that!!
Stay tuned!!