Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Last Days of Summer

Summer flew by!   It's hard to believe it is already September 15.   Here are a few pictures from our last fun days of summer.   We squeezed in a beach day and a Watercountry day at the end of August.

My pretty girl has really taken to her bike.   She has night-night hippo with her.

Watercountry was a lot of fun this year.   She does everything she is tall enough for and wants to do it all.

Caroline found a turtle on the side of the road.   We let it go behind our house.

Watch out... here she comes.
Our Fall is set to be very busy with fun times.   We head off to the Great Wolf Lodge soon.   Julianna's 4th birthday party is on October 6, and then we drive to Ohio for our China reunion.   Can't wait to see everyone.   We will miss you, Sarah, Lauri, and Don.   I hope you can make it down here next July.