Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter 2011

Caroline was the first up on Easter morning 6:15! She couldn't stand it for long, and she woke Julianna around 6:45. Julianna yelled, "WOW!" when she saw her goodies. We had a nice lunch and egg hunt at Teresa's house. Notice the little finger pointing to the "blue" egg in the cup. Blue is her color of choice!!!! She had to have her toes painted blue when she went with Caroline and I to the nail salon. She was so still and even kept her toes in the dryer the entire time. You would have thought she was 12 instead of 2 talking on my cell phone and reading a magazine while waiting for them to dry!! So wish I had my camera with me. No such luck!!

Spring Has Sprung!!

We have been having beautiful weather here lately. We now have a new temporary pet (Caroline might think differently on this one, though). He is the little guy Caroline is holding in her hand. I saved him from certain road death.

We visited an interesting bunny farm last week. I was ready to bring one of them home with me. But, the thought of brushing that hair every day stopped me. We have been to the beach once already too. I can't wait to go every week!!