Friday, April 9, 2010

Hair Bows

I love baby hair bows. I bought a lot while waiting for Julianna. She wore them when we first got her, but now, she pulls them out. She loves to play "hair bows". This is when she drags out the hair bow box and we sit and put them in her hair. She smiles and waits for me to say how pretty she is, she admires it in the mirror, then yank - out it comes.

One day this week, she actually kept a bow in for about 20 minutes. This was also with sunglasses on. This was a big deal!! Caroline and I actually have to spell the words so Julianna doesn't get any ideas about pulling it out.

"May I have some of that PLEASE?"

Nice weather and we were sitting on the front porch. Caroline was reading and then decided to get a cool pop. Julianna had to have some too. She started out sitting beside Caroline. Then, she slid right into her lap to be a bit closer to the good stuff.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Morning

Here's a few pictures from Easter Morning!!
I especially like the one of Julianna looking at her lamb. So sweet!! She really does love all animals - stuffed or real. (Wonder where she gets that from??)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Egg Hunt Time

Julianna went to her first egg hunt today. She knew exactly what to do. She headed out into the field carrying her little bucket. She was happy to pick up the first eggs she saw and drop them into the basket. Except this was a special egg hunt. Each parent brought 12 filled eggs for their child and the eggs were LABELED with the kid's name. Julianna didn't care. She picked up all she saw. It was MY job to casually toss all the eggs BACK out that were not labeled for her. She ended up with 2 of her own. Thank goodness the big kids also picked up hers!!

Having Fun at Gymboree

I've started taking Julianna to a Gymboree play class once a week. She loves it!!! When you ask her if she wants to go she makes her "Yes!" sound. She is not quite saying yes or no yet, but she sure has her own sound for either. For no, she shakes her head no and adds a certain squeal to it. You can ask her anything and get a yes or no answer.

Anyway, back to Gymboree. She loves the music, the slides, and the bubbles!!