Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

This was a very fun Christmas this year!! Julianna kept saying in the days up to Christmas that Santa was going to bring her "Blue" things (blue is her favorite color) and he would bring Caroline "Pink" things. (when she checked with Caroline though, Caroline corrected her to "Yellow" things)

Anyway, the first thing Julianna ran for was her new tricycle. She then proceeded to put her new blue dinosaur in the back of the bike. She is quite the pro at opening packages. Her favorite present seems to be the little kitchen.

Caroline loves her new Wii game and crafts. She was also glad to see the new scooter waiting for her. Lots of fun times!!! As we were driving home from Christmas dinner at my brothers, the snow was really starting to fall. It was so pretty - Just the beginning of the 12 inches to come.

Monday, December 27, 2010

More Snow Pictures

Christmas Blizzard December 26, 2010

We were hit with a lot of snow!! Most places measured around 12 inches. It started about 8 pm Christmas night and continued all day Dec. 26 and finally ended late at night. It is so pretty. Caroline is having a blast. Julianna likes it for a light while, but yesterday she said the was cold and wanted the house. Today it was easier to go out because it was not blowing, so she was able to stay out a bit longer. I took lots of pictures with my new camera.

Fun at Disney With Friends

The first week of December we met up with Georgette and Jaden at Disney World. We stayed at the beautiful Kidani Village at Animal Kingdom Lodge. We had loads of fun, but it was cold!!! Lets just say I bought long underware to take with me because I have done Disney in the cold before and it isnt fun. Julianna likes the characters from Toy Story, so Buzz is a hit right now. Too bad the wait time to see him was 55 minutes!! We had to settle for looking at him from afar. The one picture of her is when she is showing me her Toy Story figures. The parades were a big hit with all 3 girls. I remember when Caroline was 3 and how much she loved the parades. I am so glad I get to experience all of the character fun again!!!