Sunday, February 5, 2012

See How She Has Grown

Julianna has been to 3 Chinese New Year celebrations already. Check out how she has grown!!

Great Dragon Party

We had our local FCC party Saturday, Feb. 4. Julianna was looking forward to "feeding" the lion his red envelope during the Lion Dance. She and Allie had a blast running around and through the tables with balloons. I think the girls were the entertainment for a while. Julianna said her favorite thing was when she was in the dragon parade at the end. They asked for all the kids to either be under the dragon or following behind him. Well, Julianna said, " I liked the dragon party, Mommy. But, I could never catch him!" She ran around the room trying her best to get under the dragon! She continued her running after the party was officially over by racing around with balloon strings in her mouth and balloons trailing after her. She said she had to put the strings in her mouth so that she could run faster.