Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Disney Dream Vacation

We are home now, but we were at Disney from May 3 thru the 10th. We had a fantastic time. I took the girls down a few days ahead of Gary. Then, Georgette's gang met up with us on Wednesday, and Gary arrived on Friday. The hotel was wonderful, the weather was perfect, and the relaxation time was fabulous. Julianna is now an expert Disney gal, and Caroline is my right-hand assistant. I could have stayed another 2 weeks!!!! One of our best trips yet!!!

Julianna and Jaden waited and were at the front of the line to met Buzz and Woody!


How cute are these???

We were at the airport waiting to get on our flight to Disney and I just had to snap a picture of these cute toes.

Strawberry Time!!

We all went to the strawberry patch to pick. Lots of fun!